SEO Audit & Consulting

SEO Audit and Consulting

More than 15 years of experience developing SEO strategies

Professional SEO Company offering SEO Advice and SEO Consulting

Search Engine Positioning SEO is a solid Web marketing investment, if and only if you are working with a professional SEO firm like SEO Representative, whose focus is to provide digital solutions to domestic and foreign customers since 2006.

Our Costa Rica SEO Company SEO Representative's SEO Advice and SEO Consulting services give your website a strong and valuable competitive advantage in search results, thanks to our extensive experience dedicated to ranking websites. Our focus is on the On-Page optimization strategy, OFF-Page, "Link Development" and the study of your competence in order to create custom packages based on their real needs and within your budget.

Our Search Engine Optimization service can accompany you from the beginning to the end. We will work with you to create a common sense strategy, helping you understand your competition and showing which keywords are the most important to aim and achieve success.

Our consulting services include:

SEO Strategy Development

Not sure about what you need but have a budget for SEO? We will help you define your needs and develop your SEO strategy for lasting and successful.


Do you have a clear direction in mind for the website optimization SEO of your site, but need help figuring out the best way to implement these ideas without losing rankings? SEO Representative can guide your development team through technical situations.

Software Recommendations

Web Marketing industry is full of thousands of software solutions that help you to track, analyze and improve the rankings of your keywords. We can help you find the tools that best fit your Marketing Strategy according to your budget.

SEO audit

With every audit we do, we get a thorough analysis of the "on-page" optimization of your website and locate areas requiring improvement. This audit can be as specific or general as you need. In any case, when complete, we guarantee that your team will have multiple action items.

Search and Keyword Analysis

Probably the most boring and Tangled Web Marketing part, which can easily disturb anyone. Our SEO Representatives do the hard work so your team can focus on results. This analysis goes beyond simply analyzing information. You should review the important searches and user behavior, without forgetting the important searches and the most competitive keywords.

Competitive Analysis

Do you feel that goes side by side with your competition and wonder how they do it?. We'll break the door of your competence and disclose their "on-page" and "off-page" tactics, potential suppliers, estimated budget and more.

Link building audit

Did you appointed the links building work to a questionable firm that gets you thinking if what they are doing is hurting or helping? Is new to the field and just need advice as to links? ... In SEO Representative we can check your old links and build a customized links strategy to acquire quality links.

Link building

Need natural and high quality links? We can help you achieve it carefully through the content, directories and other ways. If you do not have enough content to link, we will work with you to highlight the quality of your site to our standards to achieve the "Link building".

Design Guides

Does your website ranks very well, and you are terrified because of the possibility of losing those positions?. Let us create a strategic document for the redesign and work with your development team to ensure that the impact is nominal when you turn the page.

SEO Quality Control

Do you have a solid understanding of SEO and a qualified development team but need a consultant to confirm your point of view and to reaffirm you to make the changes you have in mind? SEO Representative offer project or monthly contracts, for consulting services.

Recruitment Agency

Have you made the decision to hire an SEO firm, link builder or website developer with knowledge in the Web industry but you are not sure if this person really knows what he's talking? Let us interview him to be sure you are getting the best resource for your business.

SEO training

Are you interested in that we train your digital marketing team regarding Search Engine Optimization or Digital Marketing best practices and implementation? Our SEO Representative offers training packages for small groups in companies and institutions, let us transfer our accumulated 15+ years of industry knowledge to your team.

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